Learned in Brazil,
praised by our guests

Unique technique with longer-lasting results for you

Our unique waxing technique LEARNED IN BRAZIL is highly praised by our guests. Here we believe in as painless as possible waxing experience.

For best results your hair should be at least 1/4 of an inch long and prior exfoliation is highly recommended. Also it’s important to remember that hair grows in different cycles and the very short ones or the ones that are still growing below the skin’s surface will be removed during your next few waxes.

After three to four waxes, all hairs should be growing in the same cycle, which means LONGER-LASTING results for you.







This treatment is for clients who want to improve the appearance of the skin on their pubic area. The perfect combination of high frequency wand and the hydro jelly mask afterwards helps not only to kill bacteria but also it softens the skin reducing the chances of ingrown. Extractions are performed to remove unwanted ingrown hair if any. It can only be done as ADD-ON with the Brazilian/Manzilian wax